Dental Services

Island Dental is a complete care facility. We offer an in-house dental lab and our office is equipped with the finest and most up-to-date technology available. The entire staff is available to meet your every need and provide comforting and gentle care, start to finish. With more than 50 years combined experience, our Dentists are first-rate and maintain excellent customer reviews and come highly recommended by other on-island medical professionals.
Dr. Dugan (Dentist and founder) leads the team with extensive training and experience in a variety of complex and advanced procedures. We welcome you to experience the difference that helps to keep us “Maui’s Finest Dental Center”.

General Dentistry

Island Dental offers all General Dentistry services. The entire staff is trained to provide gentle care while keeping any pain to an absolute minimum. We are well-known for the special and authentic care for each and every patient. Our services include [Read More…]

Cosmetic Dentistry

Island Dental offers extensive Cosmetic Dentistry services. Our experienced staff is well-trained and equipped to achieve the look you are after while providing the best care available on Maui. Our Cosmetic services include [Read More…]

Advanced Dental

Dr. Dugan is well-known for his advanced training and unique experience with Advanced Dental care procedures. From pain-free Sedation Assisted procedures to complete mouth restorations, Dr. Dugan and the Island Dental staff provide World-Class services. Our Advanced Dental services include [Read More…]

Vacation Dentistry

Maui is a special place. And Island Dental offers a special team dedicated to serving the most discerning customers. We offer special and tailored services for our out-of-area guests and patients. Our Vacation Dentistry services included [Read More…]

Island Dental accepts the following insurance types:

  • HDS
  • HMSA
  • Delta Dental
  • Med-quest

We also accept most other Dental Insurance plans, even if we are out of network. Please call or contact usĀ here, for more information.